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Author's Note: I just wrote this. It's for my great grandma. I will never forget her <3

Seventeen years…

That’s how long I knew you.

You always loved me

And I knew that was true.


But you grew older

And your health began to fail

The memory you had

Was covered in a veil


I thought you’d live forever,

But I knew you had to die

So why does it hurt so much?

Why do I have to cry?


I know I’ll see you again

I know you’re in a better place

And finally

I know these memories

Will never be erased.




Coming soon...

I'm working on a new story at the moment...and for the first time in awhile, it has absolutely nothing to do with Jonas. I think this will be a good step away from fan fiction. It has no title yet. I'm working on it. It may become something like "Good Girl, Bad Boy" or "The Preacher's Daughter" or something along those lines. I only started today, so I'm not sure when I will begin posting, but hopefully, it will go well. Here's a little plot synopsis.

Rachel was her parents' pride and joy. She was exactly the person they had hoped for her to be. She loved the Lord and had a caring heart. Rachel had always been a good girl. She rarely lied, and when she did, she admitted to it and apologized. She never drank, never smoked, never partied, never had sex... She even did her best to get people from school to go to church with her. Being the pastor, her father loved that. Until one boy started coming. Michael. Even then, her daddy was ok with it, hoping that Michael would become a changed boy. But then, Rachel started getting to know him. Her father's heart broke, the night she admitted the words he dreaded hearing most. "But daddy, I love him." This is a story of trust, faith in God, growing up, and falling in love. Follow Rachel through this incredible journey.

Let me know any thoughts, concerns, etc.

<3 Lys


A/N: I wrote this last year. I was really distraught and just scrawled it out. It's not great, but hey. It's mine.


My heart is breaking,

My soul is aching,

You’re back together

And now I know that it’s never.

I hate that I love you,

But I know that it’s true,

No matter what happens,

No matter what you do.

You haven’t even seen

How hard it has been

For me to move on,

Cuz the feelings are so strong.

I don’t know what to do

Cuz everyday, I see you.

It hurts me when you hug,

But I’m glad I’ve always missed,

The times when you’ve done more,

The times you may’ve kissed.

I’ve always refused to do,

What I’ve read about in books,

Cuz hurting myself would be wrong,

And hurting her is no good.

So for now this pencil will sit,

And I’ll go on feeling like this…


©  lysten





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